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Mobile Wallets

Enjoy using your Champlain National Bank Debit Card with Google Pay and Apple Pay! Adding your Champlain National Bank Debit Card to these Mobile Wallets allows you to use your debit card as you’ve done in the past, just without needing the actual plastic card on hand. All you need to pay is your phone! Paying in stores, within apps, or online has never been easier, safer, or more private. Say goodbye to long checkout forms, forgotten passwords, or getting up for your wallet. Data or message rates may apply.

getting started

To get started with Google Pay, you will need to download the Google Pay app. For Apple Pay, tap the Wallet app or go into Settings and click Wallet and Apple Pay. Once your card is loaded successfully, an image of your debit card will appear in your Mobile Wallet. You'll only be able to see the last four digits of your card number on the front.

default card

The first card you add into your Mobile Wallet automatically becomes the default card, which will be used automatically. If Champlain National Bank isn't the first card you entered and you want to make it your default card, it’s easy to change. In Google Pay, select your Champlain National Bank Debit Card in the Mobile Wallet and then select “Default for in-store payments”. In Apple Pay, tap on “Default Card”, and select your Champlain National Bank Debit Card.

how to pay

You can use Google Pay or Apple Pay at any store checkout that has the contactless symbol on the card reader. A quick tap of your smartphone on the card reader is all it takes to pay! If you want to pay online, at checkout select Google Pay or Apple Pay as the payment method and follow the instructions.

losing your phone

If you ever lose your phone, or device that contains your Mobile Wallet, please contact us immediately so we can deactivate your Champlain National Bank Debit Card on the lost device. This will not cancel your actual card, so you will be able to continue using your plastic card in stores and your card number online.

using a mobile wallet for returns

If you need to return an item you purchased using a Mobile Wallet, bring both your device and receipt to the store, because you may be required to hold your phone near the card reader and authenticate with either Face or Touch ID. If you don't have your receipt, some stores may be able to use your phone's unique Device Account Number to look up the receipt. Depending on the return policies of the store, it may take several days for the return transaction to appear in your bank account.

safe and secure

Mobile Wallets use a one-time use number each time you shop to help keep your information private. Your card information is never shared with merchants or stored on your device. Plus, you’re also covered with Mastercard® Zero Liability, so you’re not liable for unauthorized purchases.


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