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Management Team

Steven Cacchio headshot
Steven Cacchio
President and CEO
Steven's Bio
Darlene Mirrer headshot
Darlene Mirrer
Senior Vice President
Retail Banking
Darlene's Bio
Lisa Roberts headshot
Lisa Roberts
Senior Vice President
Senior Lender
Lisa's Bio
Sarah Schmidt Portrait
Sarah Schmidt
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Sarah's Bio
Valerie Favaro headshot
Valarie Favaro
Vice President
Audit and Compliance
Valarie's Bio
Edward Finnerty headshot
Edward Finnerty
Vice President
Bank Counsel
Edward's Bio
Jacqueline Hallock headshot
Jacqueline Hallock
Vice President
Director of Marketing
Jacqueline's Bio
Judy Hoskins headshot
Judy Hoskins
Vice President
Electronic Funds Transfer Manager
Judy's Bio
Kevin Richard headshot
Kevin Richard
Vice President
Information Technology Manager
Kevin's Bio
Marilyn Strong headshot
Marilyn Strong
Vice President
Deposit and Loan Services Manager
Marilyn's Bio