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Health Savings Account

If you have a qualified high deductible health plan, opening a Health Savings Account with us will provide you with our personalized service to help you navigate the complicated world of saving for your qualified medical expenses. You will have easy access to the money with a special debit card or checks. No matter if you change jobs or health plans, your Health Savings Account continues to be owned by you giving you flexibility when managing the dollars you set aside for healthcare.


You must be enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan in order to open a Health Savings Account. Additionally, you cannot be enrolled in Medicare or claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax returns. For further eligibility information we suggest you contact your health plan provider to determine whether a Health Savings Account is right for you.

making deposits

Deposits to this special tax-exempt account can be made by your employer, a family member or you through payroll deductions, automatic transfers, or deposits. The IRS determines the maximum amount you can contribute per year.

accessing your money

It’s easy to pay for qualified health expenses using the money in your Health Savings Account. We’ll provide you a Debit Card that will only access your Health Savings Account or you can order checks if you would prefer to pay that way.

account benefits

Our Health Savings Account has no monthly maintenance fee and you can get one started without having to make an opening deposit. The money you set aside in your Health Savings Accounts continues to accumulate every year and you are not required to spend it. The account is owned by you and you have complete control over the money in it, even if you change jobs, medical coverage, or have any significant life changes.

tax advantages

Health Savings Accounts offer tax benefits to the account holder as contributions to the account are tax deductible (up to the IRS allowed amounts) and it is tax-free when you use the money to pay for a qualified medical expense. The interest you earn on your Health Saving Account is also tax-free. We do recommend you consult with your tax advisor on your HSA tax advantages.

how to get started

Visit one of our local branches and we will be happy to open your Health Savings Account.


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