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what are estatements+?

eStatements+ are paperless statements sent to your email, available for clients with NetTeller accounts. You will stop receiving paper statements in the mail once you enroll in eStatements+. It is the safe way to view, search, save and print your account statements. We’ll send you an email whenever a new statement is available.

what accounts are eligible?

eStatements+ are currently available for checking, savings and money market accounts.

is there a cost for estatements+?

No! eStatements+ are free to Champlain National Bank NetTeller clients.

will my statement look the same?

Yes, your eStatements+ will look like the printed statements you receive in the mail.

when will they start arriving?

Once you have confirmed your enrollment, you will begin to receive eStatements+ (and stop receiving paper statements) with your next statement cycle.

email settings

If you ever want to change your email address, go to “Email Settings” in the eStatements+ tab in NetTeller. You can also add additional email addresses to receive the eStatements+ email notification by clicking on “Additional Recipients”.

software requirements

Since eStatements+ are delivered as a .pdf, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device in order to view it.

length of statement availability

Your eStatements+ will be available for you to view online for 18 months.

problems receiving estatements+

If you do not receive an email containing your eStatements+, we may have an outdated email address on file for you. Please go to the eStatements+ tab in NetTeller, check your email address and update it if necessary. If your email address is correct and you are still not receiving your eStatements+, please contact us.

safe and secure

We have extremely high standards to guarantee the security of your banking information online. Your banking information never travels the Internet without encrypted protection. Login sessions have a time-out limit and after the limit is reached you are required to login again. Password guessing is deterred and reported.

how do i sign up?

To sign up for eStatements+, login to NetTeller and select the eStatements+ tab. Confirm or enter your email address, enter a security phrase to be displayed in the subject line of the email and enter the enrollment passcode. A short time later you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email. You can also complete the Enrollment Form at the bottom of this page and return it to us.


If you have any questions, you can contact us by:
Visiting or calling your local branch
Emailing us at: info@champlainbank.com
Writing us at:
Champlain National Bank
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