Community Involvement


November 30, 2020

Champlain National Bank went pink to show love and support for those affected by breast cancer. Employees and the Bank also made donations to the cancer care centers at CVPH, Elizabethtown Community Hospital, and Adirondack Health since they provide wonderful chemotherapy and radiation care close to home for our friends and neighbors, and even some of us.

First Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Tiah LaValley, Sabrina Smith, Katherine Towne, Taylor Jarvis
Second Picture: Downtown Plattsburgh Branch: Anne Franks, Lori Hebert, Kelsey Monette, Lisa Roberts, Taylor Sousa, Laurie Kelsh, Joshua Morrow
Third Picture: Willsboro Branch: Michelle Cross, Lena Robetoy, Lisa Jaquish, Tiffani Tromblee
Fourth Picture: Willsboro Branch: Dorene Dixon, Toni McCray, Skiler Stafford, Andrea Robare, Teresa Kaschak, Cindy Monty, Randi Swires
Fifth Picture: Willsboro Branch: Maghan MacDougal, Adriane Holland, Rosale Lewis, Erica Cain, Carol Manley
Sixth Picture: Saranac Lake Branch: Tammy Gaff, Rebecca Miner
Seventh Picture: Crown Point Branch: Vicki Sargent, Jordan McKiernan, Rosann Fields
Eighth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Cindy Caner, Sheila Salcedo
Ninth Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter, Laura Rew, James Moscatello
Tenth Picture: Champlain Branch: Stephanie Coulombe, Shelby Connelly
Eleventh Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: April Marble, Medara Sherman, Ralitsa Livermore

Plattsburgh West Employees Dressed in Pink Plattsburgh Downtown Employees Dressed in Pink Willsboro Employees Dressed in Pink Willsboro Employees Dressed in Pink Willsboro Employees Dressed in Pink Saranac Lake Employees Dressed in Pink Crown Point Employees Dressed in Pink Lake Placid Employees Dressed in Pink Keene Employees Dressed in Pink Champlain Employees Dressed in Pink Elizabethtown Employees Dressed in Pink


November 18, 2020

The United Way of the Adirondacks does so much for our region, so for many decades, the employees of Champlain National Bank have been Pacesetters for their annual campaign, donating money that goes directly to helping our neighbors.  Our approximately 70 employees are giving $12,000 to the United Way this year – wow!  We want to thank the United Way for their efforts during the height of the pandemic and encouraging people to participate in the Census.

Pictured: Plattsburgh Branch: Darlene Mirrer, Katherine Towne, Kevin Richard, Stephanie Coulombe, Tiah LaValley

Plattsburgh Employees Holding I Love The United Way Signs


November 2, 2020

We’re a pet loving bunch at Champlain National Bank – so to show some love for our local SPCAs, which is where many of us have adopted our own cats and dogs, we collected items to donate to them.  We were able to drop off lots of food, toys, blankets, and litter to the North Country SPCA and the Elmore SPCA, along with money that our employees donated themselves!

First Picture: Wendy Beeman (North Country SPCA), Medara Sherman
Second Picture: Lena Robetoy, Victoria Martorano (Elmore SPCA)

Third Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Haley Severance, Kurri Westover, Melissa LaMotte, Amanda Grant
Fourth Picture: Willsboro Branch: Michelle Cross, Britney Aldrich, Jennifer Putnam, Tiffani Tromblee, Lena Robetoy

Donations at the NCSPCA Donations at Elmore SPCA Elizabethtown Staff Gathered Around a SPCA Donation Box Willsboro Staff Gathered Around a SPCA Donation Box


September 30, 2020

To support the Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York, our staff chipped in their OWN money to give in addition to the Bank being a GOLD sponsor for the virtual Autism Awareness Walk.  Thanks to the AANNY for empowering individuals and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders through support and education.

Pictured: Willsboro Branch: Rosale Lewis, Kevin Richard, Skiler Stafford, Andrea Robare, Erica Cain, Teresa Kaschak, Marilyn Strong, Toni McCray

Employees Wearing Blue for Autism Awareness


September 10, 2020

Helping rural businesses understand how to access the money they need to be successful is critical.  Our VP/Tri-Lakes Manager Renee Darrah moderated a panel discussion on access to capital in rural areas for the Upstate Capital Association of New York, which was designed to educate participants on what resources are available.

panel speakers


August 21, 2020

Everyone had a blast at our Client Appreciation Day – Ice Cream Giveaway!

First Picture: Willsboro Branch: Steven Cacchio
Second Picture: Willsboro Branch: Rosann Fields, Tiffani Tromblee, Lena Robetoy
Third Picture: Willsboro Branch: Peter Paine III
Fourth Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Kristen Pulsifer, Medara Sherman, Ralitsa Livermore
Fifth Picture: Saranac Lake Branch: Rebecca Miner, Tammy Gaff
Sixth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Maja Giambalvo, Cindy Caner
Seventh Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Sabrina Smith, Tiah LaValley, Katherine Towne
Eighth Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter, James Moscatello
Ninth Picture: Champlain Branch: Shelby Connelly, Jennifer Favro
Tenth Picture: Champlain Branch: Brittany Faubert with Brysen and Brooklyn

Steven Cacchio with Ice Cream Truck Willsboro Teller with Ice Cream Truck Peter Paine III with Ice Cream Truck Elizabethtown Tellers Eating Ice Cream Saranac Lake Teller with Ice Cream Truck Lake Placid Teller with Ice Cream Truck Plattsburgh Teller with Ice Cream Truck Keene Tellers with Ice Cream Truck Champlain Tellers with Ice Cream Truck Brittany Faubert and Kids


August 17, 2020

We applaud the efforts of ADK Action, an organization we sponsor, that link local farm products with people in our area who would go hungry otherwise.  Their Emergency Food Packages during the pandemic was a wonderful way to provide healthy, locally grown food to low-income residents, who were also faced with limited food access.

emergency food package contents 


July 20, 2020

Do you have old sneakers lying around?  Bring them to us!  We’re collecting sneakers for the North Country Mission of Hope, who will get them to people who may not own a single pair.  Your unwanted, but wearable sneakers can be dropped off at our Plattsburgh, Champlain, or Willsboro branches and we’ll get them to the Mission.  Our employees have even started filling the collection buckets with their own sneaker donations.  Thanks!

First Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Sabrina Smith, Kristin Cumm
Second Picture: Willsboro Branch: Michelle Cross, Lena Robetoy
Third Picture: Champlain Branch: Brandon Frenyea
Fourth Picture: Downtown Plattsburgh Branch: Monika Cook

Plattsburgh Tellers Holding Collection Bucket Willsboro Staff with Collection Bucket Brandon Frenyea with Collection Bucket Monika Cook with Collection Bucket


July 18, 2020

The rain didn’t deter people from bringing their documents to us on our recent Free Shredding weekends.  They brought us their old personal paperwork and had it shredded right before their eyes….for FREE!  Stay tuned to our website for our next Free Shredding Day.

First Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Jim Roy (SecurShred), Stephanie Coulombe, Leah Coulombe
Second Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Dejan Loncarevic (SecurShred), Medara Sherman
Third Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter, Brittany McKee

Stephanie and Leah Coulombe posing with the shred truck. Medara Sherman with the Shred Truck Melanie Porter and Brittany Mckee with the Shred Truck


May 4, 2020

To show support for our local restaurants, and to thank our amazing employees who are coming into work every day, Champlain National Bank has been buying ALL staff lunch once a week since the shutdown.  Thanks to our local restaurant owners for staying open – we know you are feeling the pinch - and we’ll continue to support you!

First Picture: Willsboro Branch: Michelle Cross, Jennifer Putnam, Lena Robetoy
Second Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Amanda Grant, Kurri Westover, Dorene Dixon
Third Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter
Fourth Picture: Keene Branch: Jim Moscatello, Brittany McKee
Fifth Picture: Downtown Plattsburgh Branch: Lori Hebert
Sixth Picture: Saranac Lake Branch

Willsboro Teller Holding Lunches Elizabethtown Tellers Eating Lunch Melanie Porter Eating Lunch Keene Teller Holding Lunch Lori Hebert Receiving Drink Delivery Pizza and Wings


March 27, 2020

Champlain National Bank is proud to be a long-time supporter of the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.  Thanks to them, people living in the High Peaks get to experience big name acts like Pink Martini and David Sedaris, along with providing arts education and experiences for local children.  Thanks LPCA for all you do for Lake Placid and the surrounding communities!

First Picture: Renee Darrah, James Lemons (LPCA)
Second Picture: Joy to the Children: Darlene Mirrer, Ed Finnerty, Renee Darrah

Renee Darrah and James Lemons holding a fan of tickets Darlene Mirrer Ed Finnerty and Renee Darrah at Joy to the Children


March 11, 2020

We love working with our partners at CFES Brilliant Pathways who are helping us spread the word about the importance of financial education in our schools!  Thanks to Malone Middle School’s Amy Lavine for inviting our VP/Tri-Lakes Manager Renee Darrah into her middle school classroom to talk about money and the difference between needs and wants.  She’s pictured here with CFES Fellow Chris Picaro who worked the students on an exercise on how to spend limited funds, so they can understand the kind of choices they may need to make as adults.

Renee working with students Renee helping a student complete a worksheet


March 9, 2020

Want to know what it’s like to work in banking?  Students at Plattsburgh Central School had the opportunity to hear all about the different job opportunities in banking at their Career Day.  Stephanie Coulombe (our Branch Manager in Plattsburgh and Champlain) and Michelle Lafountain (our Mortgage Loan Specialist and Branch Operations Manager) spoke to the students about their personal career paths and what essential skills students should acquire to pursue a financial career.

Stephanie Coulombe Speaking to a Class Michelle Lafountain Speaking to a Class


February 24, 2020

In honor of February being American Heart Month, the staff at Champlain National Bank wore red and raised money to give to the Foundation of CVPH to be donated to the Heart Center there.  This money will directly impact the care of cardiology patients in the local region.  The Bank was also a Sponsor of the Stepping Out For Your Heart Dinner!

First Picture: Stepping Out For Your Heart Dinner: Darlene Mirrer, Michelle Lafountain, Lori Boren
Second Picture: Willsboro Branch: Marilyn Strong, Erica Cain, Adriane Holland, Rosale Lewis, Andrea Robare
Third Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Katherine Towne, Jennifer Pecore, Darlene Mirrer, Roxanne LaClair, Brittany Faubert, Michelle Lafountain, Brandon Frenyea, Tiah LaValley, Randi Swires, Kristin Cumm
Fourth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Ralitsa Livermore, Maja Giambalvo, Cindy Caner
Fifth Picture: Keene Branch: Brittany McKee, Melanie Porter

Darlene, Michelle, and Lori at the Stepping Out For Your Heart Dinner Deposit Operations Employees Wearing Red Plattsburgh West Employees Wearing Red Lake Placid Employees Wearing Red Keene Employees Wearing Jeans


February 20, 2020

From time to time, we like to highlight some of the organizations that we support.  One of those organizations is Hope for Miracles, a non-profit that raises money to fund research to find a cure for neuroblastoma, a cancer that most commonly affects children 5 years old or younger.  Thanks to fundraisers like the Gala of Miracles, they have raised thousands of dollars for neuroblastoma research.  To learn more, visit their website:  Our branch manager in Keene, Melanie Porter is pictured here attending the Gala of Miracles.

Melanie Porter with Hope For Miracles Banner


February 18, 2020

Providing financial education to our communities is one of the cornerstones of what we do at Champlain National Bank – and one of the most impactful ways we do that is by teaching good money skills to our kids!  Branch Manager Medara Sherman recently visited with seniors at Moriah Central School to give them the financial tools to prepare for life after graduating including showing them how to make a budget.  Let us know if you’d like us to speak to your class or group!

Medara Sherman Teaching Budgeting


February 10, 2020

Champlain National Bank is proud to support the Francisca (Frisky) Paine Irwin Award through the Essex Community Fund, with a $1,000 gift to be put towards its endowment.  This award is granted annually to an Essex resident who has made a meaningful contribution to enhance the quality of life in Essex, which was exemplified by Frisky.  The winner gets to give the money to an non-profit of their choosing that benefits the people in Essex.  Congratulations to the first winner: Donna Lou Sonnett who gave her money to High Peaks Hospice.  We’re proud to be a long-time supporter of the Essex Community Fund, and to support all the good work that’s being done in that community!

First Francisca Paine Irwin plaque Second Francisca Paine Irwin plaque


January 8, 2020

Champlain National Bank sponsors a number of youth sports teams – including the Mooers Avalanche Pee Wee Soccer Team.  Thanks to all the parents and volunteers who give their time to keep youth sports strong in the North Country!

soccer team


December 20, 2019

Thank you to everyone who donated to Champlain National Bank’s Project We Care! With your help, we were able to fulfill the Christmas wishes of your neighbors, both young and old, so that everyone could have a special holiday season. We donated toys, food, and warm clothing to many local charities, schools and members of the senior community, making a real difference in their lives. The generosity of our clients and employees is truly amazing!

First Picture: Westport Branch: Medara Sherman, Haley Severance, Tracy LaBombard
Second Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Ginger Phinney (ACAP), Cindy Cobb (ACAP), Alan Jones (ACAP), Melissa LaMotte, Medara Sherman, Brandon Frenyea
Third Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Brittany Faubert
Fourth Picture: Willsboro Branch: Lena Robetoy, Michelle Cross, Britney Aldrich, Jennifer Putnam
Fifth Picture: Crown Point Branch: Melissa Sprague, Rosann Fields, Lena Robetoy
Sixth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Ralitsa Livermore, Maja Giambalvo, Deborah Mitchell (Families First)
Seventh Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter

Westport staff with gifts Elizabethtown staff with gifts Brittany Faubert with gifts Willsboro staff with donated food Crown Point staff with donated food Lake Placid staff with donated toys Melanie Porter with gifts


December 6, 2019

It was fun holiday sweater day at Champlain National Bank: all for a good cause!  Employees who contributed to Project We Care (our holiday giving program) got to choose their favorite holiday outfit to spread a little Christmas cheer!

First Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Brittany Guerin, Tiffani Tromblee, Kurri Westover, Medara Sherman, Melissa LaMotte
Second Picture: Willsboro Branch: Lena Robetoy, Michelle Cross, Rosale Lewis, Adriane Holland, Marilyn Strong, Judy Hoskins, Erica Cain, Ashley Carson, Jennifer Putnam, Kevin Richard, Jackie Hallock, Maghan MacDougal
Third Picture: Downtown Plattsburgh Branch: Monika Cook, Lori Boren, Laurie Kelsh, Lori Hebert, Lisa Roberts, Tim Kononan, Taylor Rabideau
Fourth Picture: Champlain Branch: Stephanie Coulombe, Jennifer Favro, Kelsey Monette
Fifth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Cindy Caner, Ralitsa Livermore, Renee Darrah
Sixth Picture: Saranac Lake Branch: Rebecca Miner, Marllie Tanzini
Seventh Picture: Keene Branch: Brittany McKee, Melanie Porter

Elizabethtown branch employees wearing holiday sweaters Willsboro employees wearing holiday sweaters Plattsburgh Downtown employees wearing holiday sweaters Champlain employees wearing holiday sweaters Lake Placid employees wearing holiday sweaters Saranac Lake employees wearing holiday sweaters Keene employees wearing holiday sweaters


November 25, 2019

Champlain National Bank had a table at the Moriah Central School’s Report Card Pickup Night where parents and students had an opportunity to get resources on budgeting, credit and savings.  Thanks to our partners at CFES Brilliant Pathways who is working with Moriah and other local schools to make sure parents and students have essential skills for the future!

Pictured: Jackie Hallock, Mary Catherine Mazzella (CFES Brilliant Pathways)

Jackie and Mary with information table


November 15, 2019

Champlain National Bank has given a grant to Dance Plattsburgh to help them build the local social dance community by making dance lessons affordable to the general public.  To learn more about Dance Plattsburgh, visit their website:  Congratulations, Dance Plattsburgh, and thanks for all you do!

members of dance plattsburgh outside of city gym


November 1, 2019

Champlain National Bank is a proud partner of CFES, and our goal is to get all students financially literate!  We recently presented at the CFES Brilliant Pathways National Conference to help educators learn how to partner with their local financial institutions, and how they can find the resources they need so that all our children can grow up being money smart!  If you are a local teacher and want to learn more, please get in touch with us!

Pictured: Jackie Hallock

Jackie Hallock presenting Jackie Hallock


October 31, 2019

Client Appreciation Day is when we get to say thank you to everyone who banks with us – and to have a little fun on Halloween!

First Picture: Champlain Branch: Jennifer Favro, Kelsey Monette, Stephanie Coulombe
Second Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Brittany Faubert, Brandon Frenyea, Tiah LaValley, Randi Swires, Michelle Lafountain, Sabrina Smith
Third Picture: Keene Branch: James Moscatello, Brittany McKee, Melanie Porter
Fourth Picture: Willsboro Branch: Britney Aldrich, Michelle Cross, Tiffani Tromblee
Fifth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Maja Giambalvo, Cindy Caner, Renee Darrah, Ralitsa Livermore
Sixth Picture: Saranac Lake Branch: Marllie Tanzini, Rebecca Miner
Seventh Picture: Westport Branch: Tracy LaBombard, Kurri Westover

Champlain branch staff Plattsburgh West branch staff dressed as deer Keene branch staff Willsboro branch staff Lake Placid branch staff Saranac Lake branch staff Westport branch staff


October 25, 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to show our support for those living with breast cancer, we dressed in pink and made a donation to the Women’s Imaging Center at CVPH.

First Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Ralitsa Livermore, Cindy Caner, Maja Giambalvo
Second Picture: Willsboro Branch: Craig LaPine, Stephen Aubin, Ashley Carson, Jackie Hallock, Erica Cain, Teresa Kaschak, Maghan MacDougal, Dorene Dixon, Adriane Holland, Andrea Robare, Rosale Lewis, Marilyn Strong
Third Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Jennifer Pecore, Denise Kaufman, Darlene Mirrer, Sabrina Smith, Roxanne LaClair, Michelle Lafountain, Kristin Cumm, Brandon Frenyea, Tiah LaValley
Fourth Picture: Downtown Plattsburgh Branch: Monika Cook, Anne Franks, Lisa Roberts, Laurie Kelsh, Tim Kononan, Taylor Rabideau, Charlene Sample, Lori Boren
Fifth Picture: Champlain Branch: Kelsey Monette, Stephanie Coulombe, Jennifer Favro
Sixth Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Margo Mitchell, Melissa LaMotte, Amanda Grant, Kurri Westover, Haley Severance
Seventh Picture: Saranac Lake Branch: Renee Darrah, Rebecca Miner
Eighth Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter

Ralitsa, Cindy, Maja Willsboro staff wearing pink Plattsburgh West employees wearing pink Plattsburgh Downtown employees wearing pink Champlain branch employees wearing pink Elizabethtown branch employees wearing pink Saranac Lake employees wearing pink Melanie Porter from Keene wearing pink


October 23, 2019

Our online Financial Education courses are quick, fun, AND most importantly, you’ll learn important financial skills for all levels! Just visit our Financial Education page to get started!  We’ll also be giving away another $100 to someone who completes a group of our Financial Education courses.  Congratulations to Lori McLear who took home $100 in our third quarter.  She is pictured receiving her check from Plattsburgh Office Supervisor Lori Boren.

Lori McLear receiving a check from Lori Boren


October 22, 2019

Did you know that more than 80% of the employees at Champlain National Bank are women?  Since women are such an important part of the Bank, we were proud to support the North Country Chamber of Commerce’s Celebration of Women in Business where we had to opportunity to learn new work and life skills, while networking with other local business women!  Thanks to the Chamber for putting on such a terrific event!

Pictured: Jackie Hallock, Darlene Mirrer, Michelle Lafountain

Women in Business


October 17, 2019

Supporting local projects that benefit our community is what we’re all about – so we’re proud to be one of the partner banks funding the MHAB Life Skills Campus.  This transitional housing is designed for people recovering from drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health issues and ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), and will provide them with a place to live and continued support services.  Wonderful job to all those associated with MHAB and the Champlain Valley Family Center. 

MHAB Campus MHAB Sign


October 4, 2019

Members of the Champlain National Bank team in Crown Point participated in the CFES Brilliant Pathways College and Career Rally at Crown Point Central School, where they spoke with students about going into a career in banking.  They also had the opportunity to chat with students about preparing financially for college.  Thanks to CFES and Crown Point for putting on such a wonderful Rally for local students!

Pictured: Carol Lafond, Lena Robetoy

Carol Lafond and Lena Robetoy


September 20, 2019

Champlain National Bank is a long-time supporter of the United Way as a Pacesetter, and our employees always rise to the challenge to help the most vulnerable in our communities.  This year, the employees and Bank are giving $13,000 to support the United Way and its partner agencies.

Pictured: Jackie Hallock, Roxanne LaClair, Michelle Lafountain, Lisa Roberts, Stephanie Coulombe, Lori Boren, Tim Kononan

Jackie, Roxanne, Michelle, Lisa, Stephanie, Lori, Tim


September 18, 2019

We’re all about helping small businesses, so were happy to share our knowledge at the SUNY Canton SBDC Workshop on starting a business.  Thanks to the SBDC for all the good work they do for our business community!  Our Vice President of Commercial Lending, Tim Kononan, was the presenter from the Bank.

Pictured: Tim Kononan, Janet McFetridge (Mayor of Champlain), Anthony Searing (SBDC), Barbara Brisson (SBDC)

People gathered around a projector


September 18, 2019

Congratulations to Miriam Lane, Jennifer Moore, Jacqueline Kelleher, Cathy Dove, and Essence Hightower who were honored as Women of Distinction at the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Dinner.  Many Champlain National Bankers are former Girl Scouts and several of them represented the Bank by attending the celebration in Plattsburgh.

Pictured: Darlene Mirrer, Stephanie Coulombe, Michelle Lafountain, Jackie Hallock, Lori Boren, Lisa Roberts

Darlene Mirrer, Stephanie Coulombe, Michelle Lafountain, Jackie Hallock, Lori Boren, Lisa Roberts


September 18, 2019

Many parents and schools struggle to make sure their kids have all the necessary school supplies – so employees of Champlain National Bank banded together to raise money to help our local schools buy what they need. Employees who contributed also got to wear jeans to show they support our local schools!

First Picture: Daniel Parker (Boquet Valley Lake View School Principal), Medara Sherman (School supplies donation also made to Mountain View campus.)
Second Picture: Lena Robetoy, Justin Gardner (Willsboro School Superintendent)
Third Picture: Lena Robetoy, Tara Celotti (Crown Point Principal)
Fourth Picture: Jayson Barnhart (Oak Street School Principal), Lori Boren, Monika Cook
Fifth Picture: Glenn Hurlock (Plattsburgh High School Principal), Kristin Cumm
Sixth Picture: Melanie Porter, Brianna Murphy
Seventh Picture: Willsboro Branch: Maddie Sussey, Michelle Cross, Skiler Stafford, Tiffani Tromblee, Teresa Kaschak, Kevin Richard, Erica Cain, Craig LaPine, Marilyn Strong, Maghan MacDougal, Rosale Lewis, Judy Hoskins, Toni McCray
Eighth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Ralitsa Livermore, Cindy Caner
Ninth Picture: Keene Branch: Brianna Murphy

Boquet Valley table full of school supplies Willsboro school table stacked with school supplies crown point school table stacked with school supplies plattsburgh downtown school supplies donation Plattsburgh West school supplies donation keene school supplies donation Willsboro employees wearing jeans Lake Placid employees wearing jeans Brianna Murphy


August 23, 2019

Our summer Client Appreciation Day – Ice Cream Giveaway was a big hit as we hired a Mr. Ding-A-Ling truck for each of our ten branch locations to hand out free ice cream! It was a small way we could say “thank you” to the communities in the North Country and Adirondacks who have supported us for the past 110 years!

First Picture: Plattsburgh Downtown Branch: Steven Cacchio
Second Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Khloe Evans, Kristin Cumm
Third Picture: Champlain Branch: Stephanie Coulombe, Kelsey Monette, Jenn Favro
Fourth Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Britney Aldrich, Amanda Grant, Kurri Westover, Ralitsa Livermore
Fifth Picture: Westport Branch: Jocelyn Belzile, Medara Sherman
Sixth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Cindy Caner
Seventh Picture: Saranac Lake Branch: Marllie Tanzini, Rebecca Miner
Eighth Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter

Steve getting an ice cream from the ice cream truck child and Kristin sitting in the ice cream truck window three women peeking out ice cream truck window employees posing outside ice cream truck posing outside ice cream truck cindy outside ice cream truck posing outside ice cream truck Melanie with ice cream bar???


August 14, 2019

Did you know that Champlain National Bank has sponsored the Essex County Fair since 1910 – the year after we were founded? Keeping local traditions alive is important to us and our annual corn pile treasure hunt has become an annual favorite activity for kids. Our giant piggy bank balloon also made its Fair debut!

First Picture: Tracy LaBombard, Amanda Grant, Melissa LaMotte
Fifth Picture: Jackie Hallock
Sixth Picture: Maddie Sussey

three people sitting at the Champlain National Bank booth children digging in a pool of corn young girl counting change in her hand jars of vegetables with ribbons attached lady leaning up against a large piggy bank balloon two children digging through corn while a lady looks on????


August 5, 2019

Our online Financial Education courses are quick, easy, and FUN and you’ll learn important financial skills for all levels! Just visit our Financial Education page to get started! We will also be giving away $100 each quarter to a lucky winner who completes a group of these Financial Education courses. Shari Morris, one of the winners, is pictured receiving her $100 from Elizabethtown Branch Manager Medara Sherman.

Medara Sherman handing Shari Morris a check Medara Sherman with Shari Morris and the check


July 22, 2019

Champlain National Bank is partnering with the Westport Youth Commission on “Money Mondays” this summer, a fun program that teaches local kids important money skills! Participates get to open their very own bank accounts in order to practice making deposits and withdrawals while they watch their money grow as they save! Our new Piggy Bank inflatable was also a big hit! Thanks to our Westport Branch Manager Medara Sherman who is leading Money Mondays.

children surrounding pig float children hugging pig float women posing with pig float teaching a class


July 20, 2019

Our team from the Elizabethtown branch marched in the E’town Day Parade along with our new piggy bank balloon!

First Picture: Amanda Grant, Tracy LaBombard, Melissa LaMotte, Jordan McKiernan, Medara Sherman
Second Picture: Amanda Grant, Tracy LaBombard, Melissa LaMotte, Medara Sherman, Jordan McKiernan

piggy balloon in cab of truck with girls posing in front piggy float in back of truck


July 12, 2019

Great job by the North Country Chamber of Commerce and Northern Insuring on their annual fundraising golf tournament! We’re proud to be a long-time sponsor of the event and had fun giving out prizes and meeting everyone who participated!

First Picture: Jackie Hallock, Michelle Lafountain, Darlene Mirrer
Second Picture: Steve LaBombard (Fesette Realty), Tim Kononan, Robin Weeden (Weebee Properties), Ray Beebe (Weebee Properties)
Third Picture: Craig LaPine, Ed Mirrer, John Cacchio, Steve Cacchio

three girls posing on a golf course golf team posing at hole golf team posing at another hole Tim Kononan putting


July 7, 2019

We’re a proud sponsor of the City of Plattsburgh’s many events throughout the year. We think they’ve done a terrific job hosting community festivals this summer - including the Mayor's Cup Regatta & Festival this weekend. We’ve got a strong presence in downtown Plattsburgh – take a look at some of our wonderful employees who work at our office there showing off our Mayor's Cup window paintings!

Pictured: Lisa Roberts, Steven Cacchio, Lori Hebert, Charlene Sample, Taylor Rabideau, Debbie Buesser, Lori Boren, Tim Kononan, Monika Cook, Laurie Kelsh

sailboats painted on windows


July 6, 2019

The Westport Independence Day Parade saw the debut of our new piggy bank parade float!!

piggy bank parade float


July 3, 2019

Congratulations to Team Champlain National Bank who won the Northern Frontier Little League Minor Division Championship! We were so proud to support this wonderful organization because they truly encourage unity amongst all young athletes and give every child in our community the opportunity to participate in Little League. Well done!

little league team


June 27, 2019

Champlain National Bank collected and donated boxes of gently used three-ring binders to Keene Central School for the students and teachers to use. Our branch manager in Keene, Melanie Porter, is seen here giving one to Superintendent Daniel Mayberry and the Keene Mascot! We love supporting our schools!

Keene Superintendent Daniel Mayberry with mascot and Melanie Porter


June 6, 2019

If you didn’t have this much fun at the Business Expo, it means you didn’t stop by our booth to get a FREE ice cream! Thanks to the North Country Chamber of Commerce for putting on another wonderful event! We enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by to say hello.

First Picture: Jackie Hallock, Buck Bobbin
Second Picture: Buck Bobbin, Lisa Roberts

Jackie Hallock laughing and Buck Bobbin holding ice cream Buck Bobbin in booth


June 5, 2019

Class visits are always welcome at Champlain National Bank and we were excited to show seventh-graders at Beekmantown High School what happens behind the scenes. They all went home with a piggy bank and a shiny dollar coin, and of course, candy! If you teach a class and would like to bring your students in for a visit to any of our branches, give us a call and we’d be happy to accommodate your class! The class is pictured here with Branch Manager Michelle Lafountain and Teller Randi Swires. This visit was arranged in partnership with CFES and the Gear Up Grant.

group of student holding piggy banks Michelle and Randi speaking to students Randi using the drive-through tubes while students watch students looking at the night drop


June 3, 2019

Champlain National Bank paid to support a child’s participation in Scouting for a full year - and were recognized at the recent Friends of Scouting Breakfast! Representing the Bank are Kristin Cumm and Michelle Lafountain.

Kristin Cumm and Michelle Lafountain


June 1, 2019

One of the community events we love supporting is the very popular Dozerfest! Every child who attended walked away with one of the exclusive Champlain National Bank hard hats too! Kudos to the Kiwanis Breakfast Club of Plattsburgh who puts on this wonderful experience every year!

baby in a stroller wearing a hard hat toy hard hat


May 19, 2019

Champlain National Bank sponsored a color (blue, of course!) at the ACAP Color for a Cause Fun Run/Walk, and our Elizabethtown branch team spent the day volunteering at the race! Great work – and thanks to ACAP for all they do for our community!

Pictured: Kurri Westover, Medara Sherman, Amanda Grant, Melissa LaMotte

four ladies posing under a balloon garland


May 17, 2019

We had a great turnout at our Free Shredding Day in Elizabethtown! More than 45 people stopped by with boxes and bags of old documents, which were shredded right before their eyes. Follow us on Facebook so you’ll know when we have our next one – it’s open to everyone!

Medara emptying a box of paper into a shred bin Medara behind the Champlain National Bank table SecurShred truck Tent and SecurShred Truck?


May 7, 2019

Do you know some of the ways to improve your credit score and why it’s so important to your everyday life? We recently gave a presentation on credit at Clinton Community College where we demystified the credit process and showed what goes into a report and how a score is calculated. Our Mortgage Loan Specialist Buck Bobbin also discussed how a loan decision is made and how a bad credit score can affect more than just banking. If you want to learn more about credit – we’re here to help! We’re always willing to visit local organizations or schools to talk about credit or any other financial topics – let us know if you’re interested!

Buck in front of a presentation screen


May 4, 2019

Did you know: Champlain National Bank has been a supporter of the Autism Alliance of Northeastern NY from the beginning! In addition to being a major sponsor of the 2019 Autism Awareness Walk, our employees pooled their own money to be donated to the Autism Alliance! Staff also wore blue to work to show their support for all families affected by autism. We are so proud of our team!

First Picture: Willsboro Branch: Teresa Kaschak, Rosale Lewis, Stephen Aubin, Michelle Cross, Judy MacDougall, Kevin Richard, Maghan MacDougal, Dorene Dixon, Tiffani Tromblee, Skiler Stafford, Lena Robetoy, Judy Hoskins, Carol Manley, Erica Cain, Marilyn Strong
Second Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Brittany Faubert, Roxanne LaClair, Denise Kaufman, Jennifer Pecore, Buck Bobbin, Kristin Cumm, Darlene Mirrer, Sabrina Smith, Tiah LaValley, Randi Swires
Third Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Amanda Grant, Melissa LaMotte, Kurri Westover

group of people waving their hands in the air employees wearing blue employee gathering wearing blue


April 10, 2019

Providing financial education to our communities is one of the cornerstones of what we do at Champlain National Bank – and that includes giving a lesson on budgeting and credit to a class of Westport High School Seniors to give them the financial tools to prepare for life after graduating. Our Westport Branch Manager Medara Sherman is pictured here explaining to the senior class about why making a budget is so important and what goes into a credit report. If you are interested in having us come into your school or organization to teach a financial education class, please get in touch!

Medara Sherman teaching


April 7, 2019

We had three teams in the Children’s Miracle Network Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser and had a blast! Thanks to Kinney Drugs who organized the event, which raises money for The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, which we are proud to continue to support!

First Picture: Emily Fitzpatrick, Brandon Frenyea, Lori Boren, Toni McCray, Monika Cook, Brianna Murphy, Bobby and Erica Cain, Becky Miner, Ralitsa Livermore, Joelynn Garvey, Bill Gilson
Second Picture: Brandon Frenyea

bowlers at a bowling alley brandon frenyea bowling


April 5, 2019

Congratulations to the Champlain National Bank Bowling Team who took third place in the Boquet Valley Women’s Bowling League! The team consists of current and retired employees who get to wear the exclusive Champlain National Bank bowling shirt!

Pictured: Chris McLean, Erica Cain, Toni McCray, Judy Hoskins

four women posing in a bowling alley two women with their backs turned showing off the Champlain National Bank logo


March 23, 2019

Our team in Elizabethtown braved the very cold temperatures to volunteer at the University of Vermont Health Network – Elizabethtown Community Hospital Doc Lopez Run for Health! We’re proud to support this race and the many efforts of the hospital!

Pictured: Medara Sherman and Amanda Grant

Medara wearing a scarf on her face and Amanda wearing a furry hood


March 18, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team at Champlain National Bank! Thanks to the North Country Chamber of Commerce for putting on another fun breakfast, and congratulations to Jim and Joanne Hockney on winning Irishman of the Year!

Pictured: Stephanie Coulombe, Jackie Hallock, Tim Kononan, Brittany Faubert, Darlene Mirrer, Michelle Lafountain, Buck Bobbin, Lisa Roberts

employees wearing green


February 15, 2019

In case you don’t remember (or weren’t born yet) take a look at how far banking has come! Thanks to the North Country at Work Project through North Country Public Radio, you can explore thousands of historical photos of people working in the North Country, including some from Champlain National Bank. Here are just a few!

First Picture: Jane Garvey posting transactions, 1972
Second Picture: Beverly Moran and Thelma Bowen file checks to be mailed to customers, 1972
Third Picture: Tellers greet the customers as they enter our first branch in Willsboro (now the Willsboro Heritage Center Museum) behind glass, circa 1950

Jane Garvey Posting Transactions to the GL Operations staff sorting checks tellers greeting a customer in the old branch in Willsboro


February 7, 2019

Champlain National Bank was proud to sponsor the Foundation of CVPH Stepping Out For Your Heart Dinner, which educates our community about heart disease in women, and raises money for all the good work of the Foundation. A group from the Bank attended the event and wore red to show our support! Champlain National Bank staff also decided on their own that they wanted to raise extra money for Stepping Out For Your Heart, so traded their traditional Champlain National Bank blue attire for red and pink to show support for people living with heart disease!

First Picture: Dinner Attendees: Brittany Faubert, Jackie Hallock, Lori Hebert, Michelle Lafountain, Lori Boren, Darlene Mirrer, Lisa Roberts
Second Picture: Champlain National Bank information table at Stepping Out For Your Heart
Third Picture: Willsboro Branch: Michelle Cross, Skiler Stafford, Cindy Monty, Andrea Robare, Gayle Bridge, Judy MacDougall, Stephen Aubin, Erica Cain, Adriane Holland, Chuck Hughes, Rosale Lewis, Carol Manley, Dorene Dixon, Teresa Kaschak, Maghan MacDougal, Craig LaPine, Lena Robetoy
Fourth Picture: Plattsburgh Branch: Buck Bobbin, Michelle Lafountain, Brittany Faubert, Kristin Cumm, Denise Kaufman, Sabrina Smith, Randi Swires, Roxanne LaClair
Fifth Picture: Elizabethtown Branch: Jordan McKiernan, Aren Caza, Amanda Grant, Medara Sherman
Sixth Picture: Keene Branch: Melanie Porter, Stephanie Battisti, Brianna Murphy
Seventh Picture: Westport Branch: Tracy LaBombard, Maddie Sussey
Eighth Picture: Lake Placid Branch: Ralitsa Livermore, Cindy Caner, Morgan Nero

group of women wearing red display table Willsboro employees wearing red Plattsburgh employees wearing red Elizabethtown employees wearing red and pink Keene employees wearing red Westport employees wearing red Lake Placid employees wearing red?


January 25, 2019

Thanks to the North Country Chamber of Commerce for recognizing such deserving businesses and business people at their Annual Dinner. The Champlain National Bankers who attended got into the 50s theme with poodle skirts and leather jackets! Thanks for all you do for the North Country!

First Picture: Jackie Hallock, Tim Kononan, Lori Boren, Darlene Mirrer, Michelle Lafountain, Steve Cacchio, Buck Bobbin, Lisa Roberts
Second Picture: Michelle Lafountain, Jackie Hallock, Darlene Mirrer, Lisa Roberts, Buck Bobbin

group of women wearing poodle skirts group of people wearing poodle skirts


January 24, 2019

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and one of the most rewarding ways we do that is by donating gently used office supplies to area schools who gratefully accept them! Here Willsboro Branch Manager Lena Robetoy is stuffing a van full of three-ring binders to be donated to the Willsboro Central School. We love seeing these supplies get a new life and be put to good use!

Lena holding a box of three ring binders