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ATMs are available at each of our branches and offer much more than just cash withdrawals. You can also make deposits of cash and checks 24/7 without ever stepping inside our lobby at most locations. Plus, when you’re outside our area, you’ll have access to your money at any Allpoint ATM with your Champlain National Bank Debit Card or ATM Card. With a network of more than 55,000 ATMs located across the US, Canada, and globe, you’re never far from one. Download the Allpoint App to help you find the closest ATM.

locating an allpoint atm

With more than 55,000 Allpoint ATMs worldwide, chances are there’s one near wherever you plan to be! It’s easy to find an Allpoint ATM. Use the Allpoint ATM Locator below, or download the Allpoint App, also found below, to your mobile device. You’ll discover there are even Allpoint ATMs in Montreal making your cross-border travel a little easier!

atm surcharge fees

An ATM Surcharge Fee is a fee that an ATM machine charges someone who’s not a cardholder of the institution that owns the ATM. Surcharge Fees at ATMs vary greatly but can cost upwards of $4.00. Champlain National Bank cardholders don’t pay a surcharge fee at any Allpoint ATM, or any ATM located at a Champlain National Bank branch. Please note that this Surcharge Fee doesn’t include the fee we may charge you for using an ATM not owned by us. Only Champlain Privilege and Champlain Benefit Checking account holders get this fee waived, making Allpoint ATMs truly fee-free!

using an allpoint atm

You don’t need to do anything special to avoid paying the surcharge fee at an Allpoint ATM. The ATM machine will recognize your Champlain National Bank Debit or ATM Card is part of their network and not charge you the fee. However, you may be prompted to agree to a surcharge fee on certain Allpoint ATMs. Go ahead and choose “yes” to continue your ATM transaction. When you receive your receipt, you'll notice you weren’t charged. If you're ever accidentally charged a surcharge at an Allpoint ATM, please contact us and we'll refund you the surcharge fee right away.


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